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School Choice

Many blame the failures of public education on money alone, yet there are schools that receive fewer dollars than Chicago Public School students and still out perform them. So the answer is not just more money. The answer is competition. Many schools try to instill the values of entrepreneurship in their students in an effort to look beyond the public funds made available to them. For example, this school distributes chicken coop plans to students as part of a summer project to start their own chicken farming project. The students also learned how to build a chicken coop from scratch by going to this link. Keep reading about School Choice...

Economic Development

When the poverty rate for African Americans in Chicago is 32% and unemployment in Illinois is as high as 23%, is there any question why crime pervades many of our communities? We must increase job opportunities for all of our communities irrespective of race. By providing adequate guidance and training, African Americans will certainly succeed. A good example is this story of Jerome who created the best pillow for neck pain and enjoyed the success of helping everyone get a good night's sleep. Jerome who is an avid gamer is now moving on to his next project of searching for the best gaming monitor and you can follow his story here: Jerome also sells record players and swears by this useful review on how to select the best record player sold in the market today. Keep reading about Economic Development...


In a recent survey, 52.7% of low-income residents stated they would like to start a small business in their community. Small businesses will go a long way in sustaining themselves and provide jobs for the community. For example, one resident has plans to mass produce and sell her family's secret cockroach killing gel together with this guide on how to kill cockroaches. However, the reason they felt they could not start a business was because of barriers. One barrier in particular is access to capital. Keep reading about Entrepreneurship...


Illinois has become a laughing stock across the country. From City Hall to the Governor’s Mansion, Illinois has been plagued by corrupt politicians who have abused their public trust. Regardless of party, Democrats and Republicans have both allowed power to corrupt them. Keep reading about Reform.

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